The P.O.S -> Delivery
Delivery Drivers Screen

Once you press the Delivery order button you are immediately taken to the phone pad. To access the Driver screen press "Clear" on the phone pad and press the "Admin." button.  The screen is used for the following;

  1. This screen is used to attribute delivery orders to drivers when they leave the store. We say the order is en-route at this point.
  2. To confirm or not the delivery of the order to the patron.
  3. To note the payment method used by the patron.
  4. To Sign the driver out and print a cash out report.

The screen is partitioned into 2 parts.

The later screen is described here;


Assigning Orders

Return From Delivery Closing the Driver Buttons Note: The order of operation above is optional if time or resources do not permit moving orders to various states during the work cycle you may complete all of the step at once at the end of a drivers shift.