How To Configure DineAmix for use with I3DVR Video Capture System

Login to Administer System:

In order to configure DineAmix for use with the I3DVR video capture system you must login as the system administrator. You must login at the main console. Stations only provide POS access and cannot be used to configure your system. At the prompt show below enter "postech" as the Login name and press enter. When prompted for a password enter "1pospass".

The Desktop:

Once you have enter a proper login account name and password the desktop will be displayed as shown below.

From the desktop click once on the POS (point of sales) manager Icon to activate the POS Manager application as show below.

The POS Manager:

From the POS Manager select "System Configure".

From the System Configure application choose the second tab "Ports" as show below.

Step1 - System Configure & Ports:

Our first step is to create a spooler port that will be used to communicate data from the DineAmix POS to the I3DVR system. If a port does not yet exists then you must create one. Press the "ADD" key and enter a port name (max 8 characters) and a port description. We have chosen to call our port "i3dvr" but any name will do. You must enter the following settings as described below;

Port Settings:
All other settings will be ignored and should be set to "None" as show above. Press the "Save" button to record your changes. Highlight the port and press the "Stop Port" button to stop the port and "Start Port" button to start the port with the new settings.

Setup 2 - Activate I3DVR in defaults.

To start the I3DVR integration choose the "POS Configure" menu and choose the "General" selection.

From the "General" configure program choose the second tab "General" as show below.

To Activate I3DVR integration click on the "I3" check button so it is yellow and choose the port used to communicate with the I3DVR system from the drop list next to it. Press exit to save your changes and restart the POS stations for these changes to take effect.

 You are done. For further assistance contact technical support at;
 1-888-411- (6636) or,
E-mail "".