Utilities -> Print
Print reports are found through out the system. All print option are the same and will be covered here.

In this example the reports are selected by pressing the button corresponding to the desired report. More often a menu of reports can be seen by pressing the Reports button. In our example we will select a general ledger report.

The following Pop Up appears.

Method: There are 4 ways to generate a report;

Port: The desired printer port. Choose from the list.
Form: The desired print paper form.

Save: You can save the "Port" Form" and "Copies" information for this specific report or generally save the setting for all reports. Choose from the selection below;

File: Used to record the filename to be used when printing to a file.
Copies: The number of copies to be printed.

Ok: Proceed with report generation.
Cancel: Exit report selections.
Spool Monitor: Run the spool monitor. See print manger in the next section.

Note: When a report is viewed the following screen will appear;

Size +-: Used to increase or decrease the font size.
Up and Down Arrows: Used the page or partially page up or down through the report.
Dismiss: Exit the Browser.