System Setup -> Modems
This sections is used to define the modems that are connected to your system. These modems are typically used to communicate with other systems for the purpose of data retrieval.

Add: Used to add a new Modem. Press the "Add" button and enter a 8 character name in the ID
field.  Enter or Select options from the following fields;

Port Settings Setup Communications Save: Used to record your changes from an "Add" or Edit" mode.

Edit: Used to change Modem  information. Select a Modem from the  list and press "Edit". Change the information as required and press Save to record your changes.

Delete: Used to remove a Modem from the list. Select a Modem  from the list and press "Delete". You will be prompted to confirm your choice.

Cancel: Used to deselect a Modem from the list or to exit  "Add" or "Edit" mode without recording any changes.