System Setup -> Forms
This sections is used to define the the size of paper used by printers. In addition, certain spooler control features are stored here.

Add: Used to add a new Form. Press the "Add" button and enter a 8 character name in the ID field.  Enter or Select options from the following fields;

Page Margins Miscellaneous Job Control Fonts: Save: Used to record your changes from an "Add" or Edit" mode.

Edit: Used to change Form information. Select a Form from the  list and press "Edit". Change the information as required and press Save to record your changes.

Delete: Used to remove a Form from the list. Select a Form  from the list and press "Delete". You will be prompted to confirm your choice.

Cancel: Used to deselect a Form from the list or to exit  "Add" or "Edit" mode without recording any changes.