Menus & Inventory -> Purchases
In order to use the inventory system, a list of purchases must be created. Each item represents an item that the store purchases for the purposes of resale or consumption. When a sales item is created we will refer to this list of purchase items to describe what is being sold and what quantity.

Add: Used to add a new Purchase code. Press the "Add" button and enter a number from 1 to 99999 in the  number field.  Enter or Select options from the following fields;


Purchasing Receiving

Save: Used to record your changes from an "Add" or Edit" mode.

Edit: Used to change Purchase information. Select a Purchase item from the  list and press "Edit". Change the information as required and press Save to record your changes.

Delete: Used to remove a Purchase from the list. Select a Purchase from the list and press "Delete". You will be prompted to confirm your choice.

Rename: Used to renumber a Purchase code. Select a Purchase code  from the list and press "Rename". Enter the new Purchase number in the number field and press RETURN to record the change.

Cancel: Used to deselect a Purchase code from the list or to exit the "Add" or "Edit" mode without recording any changes.

Move: At the time of writing this option was not available.

Search: Used to find an item in the lists. Enter some information in the line below the search button and press Enter. The system will look through the list and highlight the firsts occurrence of you search. Press "Search" again to keep searching through the list and "Cancel" to stop.

Options: This button presents a list of operations that can be performed on the Purchase list. They are as follows;

Reports: This option presents a list of reports that can be printed.