Program Manager

The "Program Manager" provides access to all of the other programs included with DineAmix software packages.  You can start the program manager in the following manner. Logon as one of the  logon accounts below.

Each button provides access to a group of related programs. The groups are as follows;
Point of Sale
  • POS  Combo 
  • POS Fine Dine
  • POS Dine/Takeout
  • POS Delivery
  • POS Delivery/Takeout
  • POS Takeout
  • POS Cashier
  • POS Retail

    POS Configure
  • General Setup
  • Locations Setup
  •  Table Layout
  •  Adveritzing
    Menus & Inventory
  • SKU Purchases
  •  PLU Sales
  •  Placement 
  •  Recipe 

  • Dine Patrons
  • Retail Patrons
  • Delivery Patrons
  • Delivery Look-up Patrons

  • Sales Monitor
  •  Guest Booking
  • Employee Schedules 
  • Inventory Receiving
  • Optimize Data 
  •  Contact Manager
  •  Canadian Payroll
  •  POS Mail

    System Configure
  • All Hardware Setup

    This on line Manual
    Print Manager
  • Manage Print Jobs
  • Manage Print Ports

  • Leave Program Manager

    The next sections describe each group and related programs in detail.

    Note: Pressing the DineAmix logo will alternate the program managers appearance from horizontal as show above to vertical as show below.