Administration -> Reservations
This utility is used to record guest reservations. The status of reservations can be viewed in the past and in the future. The screen is partitioned into 5 areas. These are as follows;


Date/Time: The area in the Upper Left hand side displays a week of days and 4 hours of time in 15 minute increments. You can use the Up/Down arrows to move through the time of day. The bottom arrows are used to move through weeks. The arrows with vertical bars on them move a month at a time. The circle button is used to return to the current week. The other arrows move a week at a time.  To select a date/time simply press a cell on the screen. The cell and date/time cells will turn green. You can also select a date or time by touching the date/time bars respectively.

The green cells indicate the currently selected date/time. The orange cells indicate that a reservation has been placed in that slot.

List: The area at the bottom left of the screen is used to display the reservations recorded for a date/time slot.

Tables: The area at the lower right hand side of the screen is used to select tables when recording a reservation and to display the tables that have been used in a date/time slot.

Reservation: The middle right side of the screen  is used to enter guest information when recording a reservation and to display details of the reservation when viewing a reservation item.

Options: The upper right hand side of  the screen is used to display the options available for manipulating reservations.

Add: Used to add a new Reservation.  Enter or Select options from the following fields;