Effective July 1st, 2006 the Federal Sales Tax (GST/HST)  rate will change from 7% to 6% for GST and 15% to 14% for HST. For  further clarification of  these changes please follow the link below. U.S.A member can disregard this notice.


Those members that have Internet access in their location will automatically be updated at 4:00am July 1st, 2006.

If Internet access to your DineAmix system is interrupted or not available please follow the instruction below to setup the new tax rate.

1) Determine the type of system you are using and proceed to the appropriate step. Linux systems display programs in a graphical environment. You will need a mouse and keyboard to make changes. SCO systems display their programs in a text based interface. You will need a keyboard to make changes.

2) From the main console (computer) login into the "postech" desktop. If the console is used for POS operations, then enter a Managers code and select "Admin->Exit". This will take you to the login screen. At the login screen enter "postech" as the account name and "1pospass" as the password.

>From the panel at the bottom of the desktop screen choose the "POS Manager" Icon. Select "POS Configure->General->Tax". In the GST area change the rate from 7%GST or 15%HST to 6% or 14% respectively. Press the exit button to record your changes. For these changes to take effect you need to perform a software reset. From the "POS Manager" select "System Configure->Stations" and press the button marked "Reset Stations". You can exit the "postech" desktop and resume operations.

 From the "Program Manager" select one of the following;
a) "Omen POS->Setup->Taxes->Tax Rates" or,
b) "Account->Setup->Tax Definition".
Change the Tax rate from 7%GST or 15%HST to 6% or 14% respectively. Press the F10 key to record your changes. Perform a console reboot of your system for these changes to take effect.

For assistance or further clarification of the above please contact support@dineamix.ca.